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Korňanský ropný prameň, 023 21 Korňa
49.410924, 18.581485

Oil Spring in Korňa

If you believe that our country holds no surprises, you are surely mistaken. A European rarity – a natural surface oil well – is located on a green meadow in the village of Korňa. The local inhabitants used to use the rising oil as a source of flammable substance for lighting and heating. Today it is a protected natural monument. The spring is located 100 metres from the parking lot.

Did you know that... ?

The oil spring has been well-known since the 17th century, but people at the time couldn’t explain its origin. A written document dating back to 1624 states that “black water” rises behind the “Turzovka” village, and it is drunk by devils coming from the surrounding dense forests at night.