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April – October

Rafts on the Váh River

Raſting used to be a significant source of income for inhabitants of the poorest regions, mainly from Orava and Liptov. Raſters initially imported wood into shortage areas, which was a plentiful commodity in Slovakia but was lacking in the country’s southern areas. The vessel itself was the transported commodity. However, raſts improved over the centuries and were also used to transport other goods and, of course, people. Today, you can try a ride using these unusual means of transport with attractive surroundings on the Váh River, which runs underneath Strečno Castle, or on the Orava River, from which you have a wonderful view of Orava Castle.

Did you know that... ?

The most dangerous parts for raſters on the Váh were the Margita and Besná rocks. In 1937 - 1938, when a tunnel was built for the second railway track through the Strečno Pass, these rocks were blasted. To this day, however, this stretch is still known thanks to its cascades.