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Súľovské skaly, 013 52 Súľov–Hradná
49.166667, 18.583333

Súľov Rocks

Approximately 10 km from Bytča, you can find one of the most popular rocky sites in Slovakia – the national nature reserve called Súľov Rocks, which is part of the protected landscape area of the Strážov Hills. The territory is unique with its rock relief and peculiar structures and many visitors are oſten surprised by the scenery that nature created out of rocks. Tourist starting points for trips to the Súľov Rocks are the villages of Súľov-Hradná, Hričovské Podhradie, Hlboké
nad Váhom, Hrabové and Jablonové.

Did you know that... ?

An interesting feature of the natural environment is the temperature inversion, when cooler air is maintained in the valley, and therefore cryophilic plants occur in lower altitudes although they would normally grow in higher altitudes.