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Roháče – Spálená, 027 32 Zuberec
49.206951, 19.742113

Mountain Lakes of Roháče

The mountain lakes are made up of 6 ponds of glacial origins. They are located in the Roháče Valley and are unique due to their significantly lower position in comparison with the mountain lakes located in the High Tatras. The largest mountain lake is 7 metres deep and its area is 2.22ha. If you decide to take the Roháče educational trail of mountain lakes, you will get there directly. This moderately difficult trail is popular with families with children and it continues on to the Roháče Waterfall. You will be rewarded by beautiful natural panoramas with interesting sceneries.

Did you know that... ?

The size of the Roháče Waterfall compares to that of High Tatra waterfalls, which also have a glacial origin. It is located 1,340 metres above sea level.

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