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Gaderska Dolina, 038 15 Blatnica
48.936147, 18.937616

Gaderská Valley

The Turčian village of Blatnica is an ideal starting point for excursions to the most significant valleys of the Veľká Fatra, due to its location where the Gederská and Blatnická valleys lead to the Turčianská Basin. Dedošová is a direct continuation of the Gaderská Valley at its upper stretch. Together they reach a length of almost 18 km. The valley has a canyon-like shape with massive rocks and rock towers as well as many other rock structures. Its attractiveness is supported by
rich and precious flora and the occurrence of rare animals. Possibility of climbs to Ostrá and Tlstá.

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Hiking in the Gaderská Valley can be combined with an ascent to the Blatnica castle or a visit to Mažarná cave.

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