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Hotel Husárik U Husárikov 2259, 022 01 Čadca
49.412663, 18.777300

Beskydsko-Javornícka Cross Country Skiing Trail

A well-adjusted track, fabulous views, peace coming from mountain settlements, all this is offered to visitors by the Beskydsko-Javornícka cross country skiing trail. The adjusted track is 50 kilometres long and it leads from Husárik near Čadca to the Slovak-Czech border in Makov-Kasárne, from where it continues along the Javorníky ridge to Kohútik. You can get the best access to the track from Čadca, a place called Husárik, from Melocík which is located between the villages of Kolárovice and Makov, as well as from Makov-Kasárne. There are several attractions on the track, such as lookout towers and works of art that are part of the gallery in nature.