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Nová synagóga Žilina, J. M. Hurbana 220/11, 01001 Žilina
+421 907 137 145
49.224839, 18.737319

New Synagogue in Žilina

The building of the neologic synagogue belongs among the most beautiful in terms of its architecture and is one of the most important Jewish buildings in Slovakia. The building stands on the site of the original synagogue constructed in 1881. The modern building with a dome was designed by the world-famous German architect Peter Behrens. The construction took place between 1928 and 1931. Aſter WWII, the building served at first as a theatre and a concert hall,
later as the auditorium of the University of Transport, and until 2010, it was used as a cinema. The interior of the synagogue was completely reconstructed. An extensive reconstruction of the synagogue started in 2012 and later changes are being gradually removed. Uncovering the original interior is underway as well. Aſter finishing the reconstruction, it will serve for cultural activities.