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Kúpele Lúčky, 034 82 Lúčky
+421 44 437 51 11
49.135039, 19.397643

Lúčky Spa Resort

One of the oldest spa resorts in Slovakia is located on the border between Orava and Liptov in the village of Lúčky. This spa resort offers a comprehensive treatment for female reproductive system diseases, digestive disorders, cancers, neurological diseases, and locomotor disorders. The temperature of the healing thermal water in the outdoor and indoor pools ranges from 28 to 38°C. Open all year round, the Aqua-Vital Park with its sauna world offers wellness services
and it is an excellent place to rest and relax.

Did you know that... ?

Mineral water from springs, which is used in all pools and in a separate spa, is suitable for drinking as well.


Žilinský turistický kraj