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  • Ski Makov

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

    SKI Zábava Hruštín

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

    Babia hora

    This natural gem, which lies at the Slovak-Polish border, is the highest peak of the Orava Beskydy range. It belongs among…

    Belské Rocks

    The Belské Rocks are a popular location for rock-climbers above the village of Belá in the Malá Fatra. You can turn…

    Beskydsko-Javornícka Cross Country Skiing Trail

    A well-adjusted track, fabulous views, peace coming from mountain settlements, all this is offered to visitors by the Beskydsko-Javornícka cross country…

    Bike Park Malinô Brdo

    The Bike Park boasts more than 10 km of trails and is among the top biking parks in Slovakia. There…