author of photo:  Richard Kohler

Belské skaly, 013 05 Belá
49.221028, 18.955667

Belské Rocks

The Belské Rocks are a popular location for rock-climbers above the village of Belá in the Malá Fatra. You can turn to Belá from the main road towards the ridge of the Malá Fatra and Belianska Valley along the stream of the same name, and you will get to the end of the village. From this point, it is few hundred metres until the follow the yellow sign trail leading to the Belské Rocks. A short but steep climb will get you to the Belské Rocks. The steepest parts at the highest lookout are secured by footboards and chains. The signed trail will take you to three secured lookouts with beautiful views of the surroundings. The trail takes 1 – 1.5 hours. The starting point is Belianska Valley, near the village of Belá.

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Richard Kohler

Richard Kohler


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